A Day In The Life


4:15 am – Alarm
4:16 am – Snooze button.. its still dark out!
4:25 am – Headlamps on.. Break down camp and pack the bags..


chocolate bar? check.

5:00 am – Start Walking while eatting First breakfast: Energy Bar
6:00 AM – quick water break for the dog …and eat a nutrigrain bar
6:45 am – SUNRISE… headlamps off.
8:00 am – Shoes off break: Second Breakfast… bowl of granola and cereal with milk. SupDog gets a delicious bowl of dehydrated dog food and a scoop of peanut butter. Review topo maps, elevation profile and guide book.


where are we??

9:00 am – Walk..
9:45 am – Eat granola bar and drink a carnation instant breakfast
12:00 noon – Shoes off break: First Lunch… hummus, fake deli-slices, mustard, avacado and cheese in a tortilla wrap. Several handfulls of trail mix. SupDog gets another bowl of dogfood.


SupDog says: “hey, wheres my lunch?!”

1:00 pm – Walk. Eat a snickers bar on the go.. more trail mix
2:00 pm – Stop to gather and treat the 3 liters of water each from a creek. Eat a giant bag of Gold Fish.
3:45 pm – Sit down break: Second Lunch… peanut butter and jelly wrap. Check maps.
4:30 pm – Walk
6:00 pm – Another candy bar… more snacks on the go..
7:30 pm – Setup tent. Gather and Treat water for the following day. Start to cook dinner.. Prepare SupDog a 3rd bowl of dog food. Eat pre-dinner appetizer while waiting on dinner.

7:36 pm – Sunset
8:00 pm – Dinner time! tonight its macaroni and cheese!
9:00 pm – Lay down and review the maps for the next day…


Distance Travelled – 20 to 25 miles
Hours Walked – 8 to 10
Hours Taking Breaks – 2 to 3
Water Drank – 4 to 6 litres each
Calories Consumed – 4000 to 6000 each
Calories Burnt – 5000 to 7000 each??
Weight Loss – 10 lbs each after 5 months


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4 Responses to A Day In The Life

  1. rvrguyd "Craig" says:

    How much water does dog need? Has dog lost weight as well?

  2. jono says:

    thanks,,, but the 6 minute Abs video seems a whole lot easier.

  3. Hey Pack,
    how is it going?
    I hope you are still on the trail heading north and reach Canada before the winter.
    I’m now in Snoqualmie, trying to slow down as I’m too fast for my flight date 25…
    However, enjoy your time.
    Burrito Grande

  4. scott says:

    we carry a liter for every 10 miles between water sources… he hasnt lost any weight! like us, he eats 2 to 3 times what we did back home. sometimes it feels like we are eatting our way from Mexico to Canada!

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