Washington State line to Snoqualmie Pass

We’ve been home now for a month or so, but finally have had time to finish up the last few blog posts of our PCT hike… stay tuned for the story of our epic finish!

Onward to Washington!

Where we last left off, we had just finished hiking through Oregon.  Here we are approaching the Bridge of the Gods spanning the Columbia River which separates Oregon and WA. When the pavement turned to metal grating on the bridge, SupDog stopped dead in his tracks because his paws would have slipped right through the large holes in the bridge deck…. first challenge of the state.. followed by countless others!

DSCF6283 DSCF6289

So we had to carry him.. he didn’t seem to mind too much, but there is only so far you can carry a 50 pound dog! and that is a long bridge!DSCF6295

Welcome to WA! 500 some miles left to Canada! We were excited to say the least.

IMG_20130910_143320We are blessed to have so many wonderful friends loved ones who met us on the trail.  Here’s our neighbor Greg who brought us a bunch of donuts and beer! What more could a hungry hiker ask for!? Thanks Greg!


Our friends Rebecca and Christina left us a secret treasure map to some trail magic 2 months earlier near mt rainier. Somehow we followed there cryptic instructions and there it was! a Tupperware full of goodies 🙂 Thanks Friends! IMG_20130916_174318

We celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary on the trail.  So we took our first “on trail zero day” which was a glorious thing. What that means, is we setup camp at a sweet spot at the end of the day that was near a cold and magical spring flowing out of some lava rocks… and the following day we hiked “zero miles”, and just hung out and relaxed all day and stayed a second night! Campfires, reading books out loud, card games, naps.. what a great day to celebrate our love for each other in such a beautiful place!


And on to the infamous “Goat Rocks” that are a favorite section by many thru-hikers.

Before we started the PCT, we did a training hike here… but could not complete our planned loop route due to snow at higher elevation. This second time through would be just as challenging… it was later in the season, and the winter snow had already melted, but Mother Nature brought us some more. The first taste of what Washington had in store for us.  IMG_20130917_085907

Ice atop “old snowy mountain”… shoulda guessed!IMG_20130918_091234 IMG_20130918_091803

The several mile “catwalk” was socked in with fog… creepy!IMG_20130918_091730 IMG_20130918_091336

There was a frosty crust on all the rock which was beautiful. But we knew not to linger here long, so we carefully and slowly made our way back down in elevation to safer ground in case the weather turned.IMG_20130918_091319

Marijke’s Parents, Tom and Jean, met us near Trout Lake to deliver us our resupply box for the next 5 days. Luck for our hiking friends, they brought some trail magic! Thanks mom and dad! You’re the best!  IMG_20130914_104915


The weather was getting cooler, and we were all thankful for our warmer cloths that we picked up in Portland…  here is SupDog in his winter fleece jacket. IMG_20130926_112420Becca and Karen drove out from Seattle and met us at Chinook pass one evening… it sure was windy that night! They are so awesome :-)they brought a delicious spread  food for dinner that we all shared with our hiking crew.


“Trapper Keeper” in the pink and white shirt… trapped and kept us for a morning by the fire.. So many gracious trail angels out there.. we have been so blessed in Washington! IMG_20130921_085159


When we hiked into Snoqualmie pass, our old friends Dale and Stacy (who married us!) met us on the trail and brought us into Seattle so we could do the last 3 of our Washington resupply boxes.  3 more weeks? could it be over so soon?IMG_20130925_211955 IMG_20130925_091757


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