Snoqualmie Pass to Stevens Pass

We thought we would rock out this 3 day (60 mile) section easy…but it turned out to be a hard one. Mother Nature was about to take a turn for the worst without warning… Washington style.IMG_20130927_103030

We did not find much snow (yet!), but there was record rain fall…. we had torrential cold/freezing rain for 3 days straight and it was impossible to keep anything dry, including our sleeping bag.  The trail turned to a river and we walked in ankle deep water all day long. It felt like a death march, where you just had to keep moving to keep warm.

And as we came down in elevation to Stevens pass on the 3rd night, our fellow thru-hikers at higher elevations, 100 miles behind and ahead of us, were caught in the first huge and unexpected early snow storm of the winter. More about that later…IMG_20130927_103607

We ended up hiking most of this section with our trail friends “Gone Slow” and “Apache”. It was great to have company during this time when the weather was miserable and everyone’s spirits were pretty low. They were thankful to have us around too, as they reaped the benefits of Scott’s Mom’s huge brownies and chocolate covered pretzels… Thanks Mom! Nothings better than a huge brownie when your soaking wet, cold and hungry!

IMG_20130924_205432 IMG_20130925_221632

We don’t have many photos from this section because it rained constantly… but we wanted to send out a big thank you to Spencer, Gill and Tom for coming to Steven’s pass on the 3rd night and driving us down into town. It was great to get out of the weather asap and get dry and warm.

“only” 180 miles to Canada from here…  but wow, Mother Nature just slapped us across the face.

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