PCT Completion!

This is a photo post!

For the story of our last four days on trail leading up to the monument, check out the last blog post entitled “the last 60 miles”.

IMG_20131026_131229  IMG_20131025_174950




IMG_20131025_175833  IMG_20131025_175920








IMG_20131026_130331 IMG_20131026_130356 IMG_20131026_130600




IMG_20131026_130631 IMG_20131026_130728



IMG_20131026_131053  IMG_20131026_131358 IMG_20131026_131414


IMG_20131026_180337 IMG_20131026_190725


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6 Responses to PCT Completion!

  1. Those are fantastic! Well done and congratulations. It sounds like it was an epic ending to an amazing journey.

  2. Tom Riddering says:

    Congratulations! We’re so proud of you. A most impressive accomplishment.

  3. karen hills says:

    You guys are amazing! Love all the photos at the finish monument. It was a journey to remember. Now onto the rest of life’s journeys for the three of you!

  4. John says:

    I just can’t leave your website ahead of indicating which i highly liked the standard data someone supply in your guests? Shall be yet again constantly to look at new discussions

  5. Whitney says:

    Hello! Love this blog as I am starting my thru hike on the PCT this coming April. How did your itinerary work for you? I may use it as a base for my own since it seems to be my most difficult task so far. Congratulations!
    -Whitney, 29
    Bend, Oregon

    • Werewolf says:

      We were suprisingly dead on with the estimated dates we thought we would be at various towns… although many of our friends missed their dates by months. You may hike much slower or faster than you think… and you may end up taking a week or two off at a time for injury, or to visit home, so you really have to play it by ear.

      as far as the buy as you go, and mail drop schedule, it all worked out great. you can pretty much buy as you go the entire trail..some do this.. but it seems like alot of people get to ashland, and then buy/mail their oregon maildrops from there, and then get to cascade locks (and/or get in to portland) and buy/mail all their maildrops for washington.. you can buy as you go for those two states, but you’ll have less of a selection and it may be more expensive..my two cents :-)

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